The San Juan Islands, off the coast of Washington state, make for a relaxing getaway (oh the stresses of a 2 month holiday).  Accessible only by boat or light plane the place definitely has a much more relaxed pace than the mainland.  This was very welcome after a hard slog to get there and many weeks on the road to date.  We stayed at an amazing rental property right on the water that looked west toward the shipping channels, Vancouver Island and the setting sun.  Even had we never left the house we would still have many fond memories of grilling & enjoying wine and cheese on the deck and living life at Banana Slug pace.  A bonus to the place was that a tree in front of the property was known as a perch for bald eagles who indeed made their appearance on the second evening as the final shades of color departed into the night.  A boating expedition in search of the islands resident pod of Orcas unfortunately yielded no results. Despite the best efforts of the crew we had to settle for a brief sighting of a minke whale and a stellar sea lion.  The Orcas were apparently a little further north hunting salmon, which were in low supply this year. Although a bit disappointed that we did not see any Orcas, we all enjoyed our 3 day 'weekend' on the islands.

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