There is not much we can we say about our 2 week Expedition to Antarctica that can accurately convey its breathtaking beauty. How do you describe the indescribable? We had an absolutely amazing trip: we experienced Antarctica in sunshine, rain, snow and fog , had encounters with wildlife that we could never have even dreamed of,  saw more snow and ice than our brains could comprehend, and overall fell in love with the Great White Continent. Pictures are the closest that we can come to convey what we experienced. This is the first of four installments of our Antarctica trip. We have captions for many of these photos if you click on the photo the caption should appear.
A captivating sunset over Antarctic waters
It was such a wonderful opportunity to share this adventure with my dad.

Joe Owens
03/26/2013 8:33am

Amazing you guys. I would really love a copy of the photo of the enormous glacier/mountain reflected in the calm harbor water. That picture is phenomenal.


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