After our wonderful but bare bones jungle float trip we decided to follow it up with three relatively luxurious days at an ecolodge in the pampas. Rurrenabuque is unique in that it is located in a region where the jungle covered foothills of the Andes transforms into a flat fertile plain.
Just the 4 hour drive to the ecolodge felt like a scene from National Geographic, with wildlife at every turn if you dared to take your eyes off the road, which was not much more than a dirt track weaving around muddy bogs and potholes that could and did swallow cars and trucks alike.
Out of the car and into a long, thin canoe with an outboard. This would serve as our transport for the next three days, weaving along the snakey Rio Yucuma viewing Caiman sunning themselves (on the rare occasion we had sun), Capybara, occasional monkeys and over 50 spieces of bird. We were a little unfortunate with the weather, experiencing torrential downpours most days, but to try to look on the bright side one might say that we were simply, truly immersing ourselves in the amazonian environment.
Highlights were the toucans, pink river dolphins, sloth-sightings, hearing the monkeys reply to our guide and our desperate attempts to push the car out of a knee-deep bog for fear of being stuck overnight a long way from anything resembling a comfortable bed.

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