First 6 hours of driving from Huntington Beach to Half Moon Bay - easy cruising. Last 7 miles into the camp ground - mega-traffic. Thanks random pumpkin patch.
Thankfully a kindly Gray whale and calf were there to meet us, performing hi-jinks only 50 feet from shore. A long (really long) walk on the beach and top the evening off with some pumpkin-spiced ale and phosphorescent waves under the stars. This is the recipe for a wonderful day.
We departed on a 5-day camping trip with 48 junior high kids to Pinecrest, just north of the Yosemite Valley. There were many very entertaining events including a hail storm on a ridge line above 9000 feet and a 'hunger games' event where we got to be the tracker jackers and spent the best part of an hour chasing kids though the wilderness. Friday we wrapped up the camp, did a quick head count and returned the kids to San Fransisco before departing on an 8-hour drive to Bend Oregon.


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