Sitting on the couch watching the buds on the tree outside open into foliage in the middle of a quirky march weekend that could easily be mid-July.
Spent some time this weekend checking our path across NA and planning some activities to do with our parents. Float the river near Jackson, WY... check. Shoot-out at sundown in Cody... check. Storybook Island and dinosaur park in Rapid City... huh?
Had a fun and funny experience today walking back from shooting hoops with Bek and Luke. Walking towards a house where a big ol' brown dog is watching and waiting and slobbering while sitting on the stairs. Get next to him and wham! up comes his paw for high-fives all round. Now that I didn't see coming. Sure beat the little green men running all over the city yesterday yessiree [St. Pat's day]. New experiences abound in this city.
Got a compass and maps course to do this week at REI and decided that we'd better re-check our kit for the overnights we want to do this summer.  Still short a few items... what's of more value... bear spray or wicking underwear?

Mike Beebe
06/11/2012 8:40am

I'd go with the wicking underware personally. Who knows if you'll be able to find the bear spray just when you'll need it :o)


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