A catch up post on our week long vacation in Mexico with the family.
Long story short it was a wonderful trip, lots of fun in the sand and surf... and under it with some cool scuba. Had a pretty cool first - saw a baby humpback whale fully breach... twice. Swear the little fella waved his tail at us.
Had a not so cool first - held up at gun point by bandana wearing banditos on a jungle trail. Can't help but wonder if these same two enterprising gentlemen were responsible for displacing the belongings of some 40-odd cruise-boat tourists on shore leave a week after our incident.
To top it off we were befuddled in our attempts to report the crime to the appropriate agency. Closed not once but three times despite our best efforts to call ahead and make an appointment.
Want to give a big shout out to AMEX Purchase Protection Plan - a better reason to read the fine print I know not... no annual charges on the card, never paid a late fee, yet they no-fuss reimbursed us for the camera that was stolen. AMEX-User for life right here.

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