Normally group tours are not our thing, too many factors on the tour that could ruin the experience. So we had some trepidations when we signed up for a 3-day group trek outside of Sucre. Thankfully we had an absolutely amazing time hiking through the Bolivian countryside and learning about the Quechua culture. The Quechua are thought to be the descendants of the Incas, they speak their own language and many still live rural lives of subsistence farming. Our guides, who spent their youth in small rural villages before heading to the city for school, were able to explain much about the Quechua culture while helping us to speak with and interact with the villagers. Our experience to date had been waiting for translations from Spanish to English. It was a pretty cool experience to be relying on our Spanish skills as our guides translated from Quechua.
Captions will be under the photos if you click on them.

Harold & Earline Titus
06/15/2013 6:48pm

Great pictures!!!


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