Iguazu was our last official stop on the travel itinerary, and one we had been looking forward to for a very long time. It is always difficult to manage expectations with a destination that has been long coming and often talked about, but Iguazu falls was nothing short of spectacular.
It started with a brilliant encounter as we walked off the 15-hr bus and into a random hostel reception - only to be greeted by two old-friends. Left us all a little speechless.
Our plan was to spend a long day at the falls checking it out.... good in theory but the elements didn't co-operate. Not only did we fall desperately short of time, incredible as that may sound for simply visiting a waterfall, but we also had a tremendous thunderstorm move in later in the day and leave us soaked. After 45 minutes literally running about trying to capture mental images of every sight while pausing to appreciate the monkeys playing in the trees above us and coatis roaming around, we woke up to ourselves and decided to return the next day to do the place more justice.
So glad we did - the weather was perfect; we rode the jet boat under the falls; walked the trails birding; walked out to the throat of the devil to marvel at the power and volume of the water; and in a fairytale finale we watched the sun set over the falls with a wonderfully vibrant rainbow setting the scene. And to top it all off a toucan with a bright orange bill chose to fly through the scene as a friendly gesture goodbye.
Butterflies, rainbows and toucans. Don't wake us up from this dream!

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