Ater 16 cumulative hours of overnight buses we were rather surpised when we awoke amidst arid, cactus-covered hills. What happened to the lush green we have been used to for the last few months?

What drew us to the Elqui valley is difficult to determine; was it the powerful magnetic energy of this mystical valley (apparently the Elqui valley is where the earth´s magnetic center is located and has much significance in the spiritual world); perhaps it was the chance to see a UFO (the most reported UFO sitings in the world happen in the Elqui Valey); or maybe it is the fact that the Elqui Valley is the center of pisco production in Chile (Pisco is a type of grape brandy that is extremely popular in Chile)?

Though tempting, we declined an opportunity to have our auras cleansed despite the bargin price, and failed to see a UFO, but we did sample the pisco during our stay. We had a wonderful day cruising around the valley checking out the small towns, watching the workers pick grapes whilst chomping on bucketloads straight off the vine, and finally watching the beginning of the pisco making process at Los Nichos, the oldest pisco distillery in Chile.


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