We spent five wonderful days in El Chalten during which we succeeded in walking ourselves ragged. Our saving grace was to recharge each night on every artisanal beer we could get our hands on. We hadn’t planned on starting out with back to back 20km+ days, but as they say ‘make hay while the sun shines’, and the sun rarely shines long on Mt Fitz Roy.

Our first day in town was amazingly clear and tranquil so we got out early to spend the day hiking up to Laguna Torre where we were able to marvel at the serrated mountain peaks and listen to the rumble of moving glaciers while eating our lunch overlooking a gorgeous glacial lake. The next day started out perfectly clear and beautiful and we were quite excited about the amazing views we had of Mt Fitz Roy. The hike was relatively moderate until the last hour when it took a definite turn towards the heavens. By the time we reached the top of the hill (or mountain as dad would call it) the clouds had moved in and covered the peaks. And true to form the top of Fitz Roy proved elusive for the rest of the week. Still we could not help but gaze in its general direction in the hopes that the clouds would break temporarily for another quick glimpse.


03/22/2013 9:33pm

Wow, lotsa framers in that batch. Looked like Lord of the Rings mixed with sound of music!
Love it.


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