“Thank you both for visiting us at all three of our campsites in Teton National Park. We are sorry that your friend Wolverine was so shy and only made one brief appearance. We appreciate your hospitality in sharing your beautiful home with us.”

Still not sure whether or not it worked out to our benefit that the passes were all snowed under. On the one hand we had to do a lot of vertical to get to our camps in cascade and paintbrush canyons and on Leigh Lake; on the other hand we had an amazing time and saw some cool wildlife. Even without doing the passes we still had to hike through snow to get to our campsites. It was amazing to see the waterfalls making their way through the snowdrifts and all the wildflowers displaying their beautiful shapes and colors. Our night on Leigh Lake was our closest run in with a grizzly to date. A crazed-looking guy came breezing along the trail at dusk with his finger on the trigger of a can of bear spray and a bike helmet on (!?!?). He paused long enough to tell us that a Grizzly had been seen near our site the night before. In the tent getting ready for bed we heard a heavy-set animal walking in the water which is only 10 feet from our tent. With relief we found that it was only a deer. We fell asleep that night with some trepidation. Hiking out in the morning we found some tree scratching 7 feet up a tree and a massive pile of fresh scat. Needless to say we picked up the pace and kept our bear spray close. If only we had packed our bike helmets.


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