We woke up in Black Hills at the historic Sylvan Lake lodge and started our day with a walk around the pristine lake. From there it was a pleasant drive on the Needles Highway followed by rolling hills, with a lunch date with some bison and prairie dogs. We stopped in at Hot Springs to prove to Joe that there are old fossils out there that are older than he is. Everyone marveled at the massive mass of Mammoth bones found in this collapsed cave turned slippery waterhole. With less than half of the site explored there was still an abundance of bones and history. Our drive through Custer State Park was slowed by hundreds of bison lounging on and around the road. Some seemed less than amused at our presence, while others ignored us completely, the ranger said it was a truly unusual day with the various bison herds gathering together at this time of year. As if the day had not been exciting enough we pushed on to Mount Rushmore to dine with the presidents.



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