Dropped the Aussies off at LAX then drove 2000 miles over 2 days to get back to Chicago. In the next 2 week Bek gave her dissertation public talk, and we took in the airshow, a Cubs game, and a free comedy night at IO  while packing up our worldly belongings into a 16 foot truck. Then the four of us (Dale, Bek, Chippa, and Twiggy) took a leisurely 4 days to drive another 2000 miles back to California. Driving cross country in a moving truck with 2 cats is quite an adventure to say the least - and we had the scratches to prove it! Things slowed down a bit once we made it back to Cali. September kicked off with Mark's wedding - yay to a new sister in the family. Then we spent the month visiting with friends and family. While visiting Mark in San Diego for his birthday we all went to Oktoberfest in El Cajon, Mark's birthday gift to himself, lederhosen, Bek's birthday gift to Mark, a 1.5 Liter Bier Stein that she won in a sauerkraut eating competition in which she was named the Mistress of Sauerkraut. We also took in the USC-Cal game at the Colessium and a night of screams and laughs at Knottsberry Farm Halloween (Knottscary).  Add a lot of donuts, swims, and surf sessions later and call that September.  Bek chopped off 12 inches of hair  - a symbolic goodbye to graduate school life and then it was time for more traveling and adventures.


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