Arches in 200 words or less... can it be done? Are you counting?
Roll on in to the Lizard Lounge in Moab late in the evening after another big day on the road. Man this place needs a face lift. But it does what needs to be done. This is home base for a few days.
Did the seven mile Devils Loop hike to check out the many arches and crazy looking fins. At each turn in the trail we were greeted with another amazing arch or vista. Our favorite arch was Navajo. Also of interest were the pinyon pines & utah jupiter. Very little vegetation otherwise and only saw a lizard and a crow the entire hike. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to navigate, or even map this crazy topo.
It seems quite the under-sight that there is amazing layers of green and blue soil that are barely mentioned in the brochures. The day was disappearing way to quickly and we hadn't even seen the stalwart of the arches tourism - Delicate Arch - the place to be at sunset. A quick 1.5 miles scramble up into the ridges and cliffs racing the sun. Got there just as the sun emerged from the clouds for a brilliant blast of color on the cliffs and of course the arch. Definitely a highlight.We were surprised at the number of people about even in the low season but I suppose it is blistering hot here in the summer. Caught a brief glimpse of a fox in the headlights as we drove out of the park that night. Guess that's when most of the animals do their business.


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